Tom Hickmore in a podcast interview
Tom Hickmore in a podcast interview

Since publishing Watch & Learn I’ve been interviewed several times about its content on a variety of podcasts. Here is a list with the links.

People Unplugged with Paul Westlake

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Published May 9th 2022
I had a fun chat with the charming Paul “Westy” Westlake, in which he also probed me on my rock n roll past.

A Chat With Authors – a Video Podcast Series

Published 10th April 2022
Had a great discussion with the legendary Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect Guy Wallace across the pond to North Carolina.

IDIODC Podcast with Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden

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Published March 23rd 2022
Brent and Chris work for DominKnow in the U.S.A. IDIODC stands for Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee.

The Learning Hack with John Helmer

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Published April 10th 2021
John and I share a common history, having played in punk bands in the 70’s – however, his got on Top of the Pops and mine played Lavant Village Hall. Cheeky John refers to me as the “Drama Lama”.

Mind Tools L&D Podcast with Gemma Towersey and Ross Garner

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Published September 7th 2021
Ross is Head of Learning Experience and Gemma is Learning Experience Manager both at Mind Tools for Business. Ross is a Star Wars aficionado who lives in Inverness.